Physics is the study of physical laws of nature. It covers the study of subatomic particles like quarks and gluons to the study of astronomical objects many times larger than the sun. Physicists attempt to understand the particles. These Particles are the basic building blocks of matter and the forces, through which the particles interact to give systems like nuclei, atoms and molecules.
To study such things the Department of Physics offers courses in BS (4-years) — M.Sc. (2-years) — M. Phil. (2-years) Program. The Department of Physics was established in October, 2006 and as such is one of the pioneer science departments of UST, Bannu. The Department aims at offering quality education in Physics through formal classroom teaching, Laboratory Practical, tests and assignments.


The department envisions to transform young people into competent and motivated professionals in deferent specializations of Physics. They are not only able to contribute to the development of the nation through basic and applied research and consultancy but are also responsive to national, international and global development needs through knowledge creation and application.


To become an internationally reputed center of excellence in Physics in terms of quality, knowledge creation, human resource, capacity building in physics, and public service.


    • To provide a vast range of opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students by offering specialization course in different branches of Physics.
    • To provide standard facilities in education and research.
    • To achieve excellent reputation among world class leading institutes of science and technology.
    • To encourage faculty members and students to continue their professional development by pursuit of higher studies, research, professional presentations and publications.
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