Vol:07 Issue:02 (July - December, 2020)


Prison; Conception, Status and Norms in Islamic Jurisprudence


The Transformation of Extralegal Principles into Legal Principles by the International Court of Justice in The Hague: Illustrated by a Peaceful Delimitation of «the Promised Land»


Exploring the Relationship between Perceived Efficaciousness and Perceived Religious cum Social Support during Adolescence


The Royal Necropolis of Derawar: A Prism of Islamic Architecture


A Sharī᾽a Analysis of Literary Rights in the Intellectual Property Act 2012


Research Analysis of the Methodology Adopted by the Council of Islamic Ideology in Formulating Suggestions for Riba Free Banking in Pakistan


Analytical Study of the Excessive Exaggeration in the Sermons and Discourses of Seerah-Al-Tayyibah


Thoughts of Greek Philosophers in the Light of Islamic Sharīa


An Overview of the Distinctive Characteristics of Qur᾽ānic Text


Research Review of The Discussions on the Issue of End of Prophethood in the Light of Tafsīr Ma'arif-ul-Qur᾽ān and Tafsīr Zia-ul-Qur᾽ān


Biological Interpretation of Moral Argumentation for the Existence of God: A Critical Analysis of Richard Dawkin’s Arguments


The Concept of Beautification: A Comparative Study of the Teachings of Islam and Judaism


Al-Tahir Bin ʽAshour Through His Book Maqāsid al-Sharia


The Arab republic of Egypt and its role in spreading the Arabic language in Afghanistan


Theory of Hulul (Solution) from Mystical Theories: Its Acquaintance, Development and Etiquette


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