Name Designation Qualification Email Address Picture
Engr. Dr. Javed Ali Khan Chairman | Assistant Professor PhD engr_javed501@yahoo.com


Name Designation Qualification Email Address Photo
Engr. Dr. Faheem Ullah Khan Assistant Professor PhD (UK) dr.faheem@ustb.edu.pk
Engr. Dr. Wasiat Khan Lecturer PhD wasiat.khan@gmail.com
Engr. Hashim Khan Lecturer
(On study Leave to PhD)
MSc in Information Security engr.hashimwazir@gmail.com
Engr. Mian Izaz ur Rehman Lecturer -- engr.mianizaz@ustb.edu.pk
Engr. Syed Yaqoob Shah Lecturer -- engr.yaqoob@ustb.edu.pk
Engr. Muhammad Irfan Marwat Lecturer -- engr.irfan@ustb.edu.pk
Engr. Muhammad Assam Lecturer -- engr.assam@ustb.edu.pk
Engr. Muhammad Salman Khan Lab Engineer
(On study Leave to PhD)
-- --
Engr. Zahid Khan Lab Engineer -- --