a) A student will be evaluated in such course on the basis of sessional tests, class assignments, quizzes, projects, case studies and semester examination, of which 20% marks will be observed for sessional test and class assignments while 80% marks for the semester examination.
b) The Semester examination of minimum of 3.5 hours duration for each course will be conducted at the end of each semester/term on the dates to be fixed by the Controller of Examinations.
c) A student will be eligible to appear in the Semester/term examination provided that:

  1. He/she has been on the role of the Department during that Semester.
  2. Has registered himself/ herself with the University and has cleared all the University dues.
  3. Has attended not less than 75% of the lectures/seminars delivered to his/her class in each course and 75% of the lab, experiments/ laboratory demonstrations prescribed for the respective courses. The Head of the Department/Institution concerned may, on the recommendations of the teacher of the course concerned, condone the deficiency in attendance up to 05% of the total lectures, seminars, lab, experiments and laboratory demonstrations. The students failing short of required percentage of attendance of lectures/seminars/lab experiments/laboratory demonstrations etc. will not be allowed to appear in the Semester examination of the concerned course and will be treated as having failed in that course.
  4. Each teacher will maintain a date-wise record of the attendance of students.