Rules For Awarding Gold Medals & Merit Certificates

(I) Semester System
The Controller o Examinations will issue a Certificate of Merit to a student who stands first in the programme on the basis of the overall result provided that the student has obtained at least 85% marks (4 GPA) or more in aggregate, and has not failed in or repeated any course and has completed the course work in the minimum required semesters. The recipient for the award of Certificate of Merit will also be awarded the Gold Medal.

(II) Criteria for Semester and Annual System Students
The following criteria for the award of Gold Medal and Merit Certificate (2 -years Master/4-years Bachelor Programs) for the session started w.e.f September 2010 onwards is applicable.

(a) A Gold Medal will be awarded to a student who has passed all the prescribed examination in first attempt forwarded that he/she has the highest marks but not less than 70% of the aggregate marks.

(b) For M.A English 1st position with at least 1st division would be required to pass all the prescribed examinations in first attempt having the highest marks in the department.

(c) Merit Certificate will be awarded to the candidates (1st and 2nd position holders in the University in any discipline) who pass examination as a whole, having no compartments.

The Merit Certificates will be given only to those candidates who have no compartment in any term examination. For B.A/B.Sc. (2-years) program at affiliated Govt. Colleges, the following rules would be considered Gold Medal and Merit Certificates.

  1. A candidate who passes his/her bachelor examination in the 1st attempt will be awarded a Gold Medal when he/she secures the highest marks not less than 70% of the aggregate marks.
  2. A Gold Medal will be awarded for each i.e. Arts, Islamic Theology and Science groups.
  3. Merit Certificate will be awarded to BA and BSc students/Candidates as per clause 3 above.