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The department of Mathematics was established in 2012. The Department of Mathematics at the New Campus of University of Science and Technology Bannu currently accommodates 08 faculty members and about 66 students for Master Degree and 06 for M.Phil. The Department has expanded its programs and activities from Mathematics to Mathematical Sciences. The mission of the department is to bring life to Mathematics and Mathematics to life. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Inter Disciplinary Mathematics areas are being pursued in teaching as well as research.

The Department of Mathematics aspires to be globally recognized as a centre of excellence for research and teaching in mathematics. The department will promote a comprehensive, innovative and dynamic learning environment that meets the changing needs of student population.

The Department of Mathematics is committed to provide an excellent major for students, whose career goals are teaching, research, immediate entry into the workforce. The department is an active partner with other programs in science, social sciences, business, education and technology by providing specialized mathematical expertise. The department is committed to high quality instruction for all students in mathematics courses, and it nurtures pleasant and constructive faculty-student interaction.


  • Small and friendly department
  • Young energetic and motivated faculty
  • Excellent staff-student relations
  • Research opportunities in both pure and applied mathematics
  • Dedicated workstations for research students


  • To inculcate habits of creative thinking, critical analysis and rigorousness, so that the students start enjoying mathematics.
  • To make the student appreciate the uniqueness of mathematics as tool of the tools, having the power of generalization and the power of application.
  • To develop ability in students to formulate a problem using the language of mathematics.
  • To equip students with the tools required and the mathematical techniques applied in the industrial, the business, the financial and the health-care organizations.
  • To propose mathematical solutions to indigenous problems arising in the industrial, the business, the financial and the health-care sectors.
  • To strengthen academia-professional-world bonding by tailoring the courses and the trainings offered according to needs of the end-user.
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